Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Come and Join Us

We invite you to join the MSU Shooting Sports Club.  Our membership is nearly 50 with a mix of Shotgun Shooters and Pistol Shooters (Students, Faculty, and Staff are welcome (only students can compete)).  You do not need to be an experienced shooter to join. We also recommend that you consider shooting in the MSU Intramural Trap League.  The cost of the intramural shoot is $40 per shooter and the cost of your ammo.  You will receive coaching from NRA and ATA coaches and you will notice significant shooting improvement.  Like the MSU Shooting Sports Club, you do not need to have any experience.

Below are some picture from a recent club practice - again, please come and join us.
For more information contact Dr. Mike Brown, Advisor  mike.brown(at)msstate.edu

 Practice on 16 yard Trap

 Working out the kinks on station 1 of Skeet

 Starkville Gun Club is a great facility for shotgun shooting

Checking the score sheet after a round of Skeet and getting some advise

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