Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bulldog Open

We wanted to post a few pictures of the recent MSU hosted shotgun event.  The weather was cold and snowy for the first two days, cold and sunny for the final day.  However, hot chocolate, coffee, and good targets kept everyone's spirits high.  We are lucky to have some very good and very dedicated shooters in our club.  Tim Swindell (http://www.swindellphotography.com/) father of our very own Aynne Swindell took these amazing pictures (click on image for larger version).


 Dustin Caruso 

John Wallace 

Austin Davis (VP) 

Sykes Heard (President) 

Lizzy Williams  

 Aynne Swindell (Secretary)

 Nick Landsdale's shot is chasing down the target.

Christina Clark (Treasurer)

Aynne Swindell (Ladies Overall Champion)


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